We are the organizations which help a three-dimensional design, and three-dimensional analysis and manufacture development.

Manufacture is performed from the three-dimensional design of a mechanical apparatus, analysis, and development.
It ties up with five companies the Prefecture [ the Osaka prefecture ], it ties up with the manufacturing company of three companies in rural areas, and it is performing manufacture as consistency to manufacture.
Suminoe, Suita, Higashi-Osaka (two affairs), Higashi-Yodogawa, Okayama Prefecture.

a product better than "NEXT GENERATION" -- you -- the following dimension

* Presentation with a three-dimensional drawing was required from one customer.
Conversion to the three-dimensional-CAD data from two-dimensional CAD and a handwriting drawing.
*2  Although the drawing was passed, the drawing which is not a speciality may be seen and don't understand.
It cannot but recognize as it is from the reason said so.
Moreover, I would like to use as a presentation to a customer.
A request is various.
Since a three-dimensional figure can be sighted as an image unlike the usual drawing, understanding, even if it cannot read a drawing is the feature.
*3  As for funds, a place is [ trial production ] needed from a basis for time and it with talented people.
*4  I would like to hold the tendency of the physical phenomenon which may happen in a design phase.
*5  Although he would like to do a mechanical running test, it cannot do in expense, a place, a staff, etc.
*6  I would like to examine, since an examination is expected, and to confirm compatibility.
*7  Phenomenon explanation becomes special and the explanation to a its company operating member and a customer person in charge is difficult.
*8  I would like to give the same recognition to the operating member and engineer concerned with the project to the performance of a product, and a tendency.
In three-dimensional analysis, perform a simulation for a physical phenomenon and it carries out the state grasp to



We enable it to understand the analysis which needs the skill in which all people that are our visitors are special until now, without needing technical knowledge, and attach importance to a client having the same recognition and a tendency all the members in connection with the project which tackles and is shared.
As a result, help of improvement in added value, such as highly complete craftsmanship and a rise of each individual's skill, is carried out.

For a certain reason, I have also refused plentifully the client and housing which secrecy duty has generated on the relation of business except the entrance into a room of those other than organization staffs.
the presence in a factory -- each time -- a schedule -- checking --
They are situations although I think that trouble is made.   Thank you for your consideration.

New news

dec,2013  Manufacturing and selling of the general-purpose type high-speed

                bearing unit which has a track record at 45000rpm was started.

july,2013   Super Hi-Speed Machine , Φ65mm, 45,000rpm,

                Completion of the test run in manufacture factory.

June, 2013   Homepage start


May, 2013   In order to conduct smoothly analysis by the finite element method

      (numerical analysis), the computer excellent in calculation throughput

      is introduced.

April, 2013   Design analysis technology is shifted to those [ many and unspecified ] for

       general industrial-related companies from some contract companies.

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