3D Analysis

This service was started from April, 2013.
For example, even if language and a numerical value explain to the operating member
which does not have technical knowledge in it even if professional engineers with
the knowledge of physics are understanding, and a customer person in charge,
it does not understand.
We the physical phenomenon   
The analyzed three-dimensional analysis simulation is used.   
It outputs in a still picture, an animation, a graph, etc.,
and if it explains showing them, he certainly understands and it can be given.
A professional engineer is the moment of being released from dilemma.

Vibration analysis.
Vibration analysis.

← Shaft vibration under a high velocity revolution

  It is an animation in a design phase.

  Before or after 15,000RPM   It rushes into dangerous


  If it is from 12,000 to 13,000RPM, it rotates without a


  But a demand is 18,000RPM.

  The axis which rotates this analysis  result comfortably by

      18,000RPM at a base is completed.


Fluid analysis.
Fluid analysis.

Convergence of a still picture and pressure fluctuation which is conducting fluid analysis   It is the expressed graph.
To this appearance   It is most persuasive to enable it to understand by the eye, even if there is no special knowledge.



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