The drawing seen and known by the eye also by people without technical knowledge, such as reading a drawing, and it are 3D.
We are all doing the design by CAD of 3D.
Conversion to the data of 3DCAD of handwriting and 2D CAD from data and conversion to 3D CAD data from a tracer drawing are also carried out.
We are keeping in mind the design which suited the client's image.


For cars EV motor shaft.
High velocity revolution testing machine.
Engine test machine.
Dynamo testing machine.
Vibration tester.
Special high velocity revolution turbine pump. Mixing fluid control device.




   It is impact-absorbing equipment of an airplane.


The bearing unit corresponding to GE type general-purpose ultra high-speed quantity load
The good corresponding to φ35~55,
25,000 rpm or more of maximum speed correspondence is possible.
G type bearing unit which has a delivery track record at 45,000 rpm
The mechanism was scaled down and transplanted.
A loss is reduced to a limit by low inertia from a low speed to a high speed,
Pressurization can be set up arbitrarily.

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